Concatenation Records
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Concatenation Records was created in August of 2007 by Jason Vincion (Starrysea, too many other projects) as a follow-up to his previous record label, Vincion Records.  Jason thought that using his last name for a label was too insular and he wanted to help his friends at The Shizz release some of their material, so he picked a word of multiple meanings with some significance to him and Concatenation Records was born.
Concatenation is primarily a netlabel, though certain releases also have physical media available for purchase through the Store page.  Also, with the upcoming Shizz to the Future project, all of the musical styles available on Concatenation will be well-represented. As for what those musical styles are, they run the gamut from ambient to noise, with lots of chiptunes, metal, and video game covers (of varying styles) inbetween.
Copyright 2007- Jason Vincion