Question: Why was Concatenation Records started?
Answer: When Jason Vincion’s "A New Beginning" album was released back in 2001, a label name was needed to release the album under.  A bit more pretentious in his younger years, Jason used his last name and Vincion Records was born.  This worked out through 2007, until he realized that he wanted to help his friends and other independent musicians release their music as well.  He was well aware that using his last name might come off a bit odd when bringing others into the fold, so as he is wont to do, he picked a word of some significance to him that had multiple meanings.

The word chosen was concatenation, and not only does it mean the act of joining or linking things together, it’s also one of Jason’s favorite songs by Meshuggah.  Thus, Vincion Records was archived and Concatenation Records was born.  This decision has proved fruitful, as there are currently 58 releases on the site and the sky’s the limit for the future.

Question: How much of the music on Concatenation has Jason Vincion created?
Answer: It’s safe to say Jason’s done a good deal of it, especially since he created (or helped create) all of the music in the Vincion Records section as well as the Vincion Records Collections section. The recording projects of his that are represented on Concatenation are numerous as well.  The ones currently that are on and/or have CCN releases are Amaranthine Skies, Cyanidic Rapture, Kodiak Attack (defunct), and Mystic Nova. The ones with upcoming CCN releases are Concrete Mutant, Skies of Cyanide, The Brazilian Cockroach Experience, and Voices of Epic Fail.

It’s also safe to say he finds it kind of odd writing in the third person when writing on the site, but he thinks it seems to help with his objectivity towards describing his music and the music of other artists.

Question: Why does Jason have so many different recording projects?
Answer: This is indeed the million dollar question.  Jason has spent quite a while pondering on this himself.  The best he can figure is that when he creates a new project, he likes to create a certain type of sound for each project, then the type of music he creates attempts to fit in with that style.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (as many unreleased failed experiments will attest).

Also, any time he approaches a project in a genre similar to a former project (which at this point, is about all of them), he will approach it in a different way to make it sound unique from any previous projects.  If that’s not a major concern, then he’ll bring back a project and go on from there (as he’s done with Concrete Mutant and with Cyanidic Rapture twice).

He is trying something new with Skies of Cyanide in that he’s blending all of the Reason synth and drum sounds from the Amaranthine Skies and Cyanidic Rapture projects (along with some Alesis DM5 drum samples) to remix songs from both projects.  The project is just getting its legs, but Jason is very happy with where it’s heading.

Question: Enough about Jason.  How do I get a CD/online collection released on Concatenation?
Answer: It’s really rather simple.  If you’re a previous Concatenation artist (either by full length, imprint, or compilation), all that needs to be done is to send an e-mail to concatenationrecords@gmail.com detailing what type of release you’d prefer (CD or online), what kind of timeframe you’re thinking about for releasing the album (how long until it’s done, how soon you want to release it), and any further details (artwork, pricing) will be worked out from there.

If you’re not a previous Concatenation artist, the same as above applies, but a few samples of what you want to release will need to be supplied.  You can either do this by sending a few demos via email, forwarding a hosting link (SendSpace, MegaUpload) or links to an online music host (MySpace, Soundclick) with some of the music you wish to release.  From there, it’ll be determined whether or not you’re Concatenation material.

Question: Does Concatenation ship CDs internationally?
Answer: Of course!  Concatenation releases have been successfully shipped to Canada, England, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, Japan, and Australia.  It does cost a little extra, so that’s why there’s a charge of $2 more for sending CDs out of the United States of America.
Question: I ordered a password and haven’t received it yet.  Why not?
Answer: Jason sends out the passwords first thing every morning, so unless you’re a very early riser, it should be in your inbox when you wake up the next morning.  If it’s not, feel free to e-mail Jason and let him know the situation and he’ll accommodate you as best as he can.
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