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This page features a list of all the artists / projects that have released music on Concatenation Records or its imprints, as well as all of the releases those artists are featured on.  If applicable, the name of the artist / project will be linked to their homepage.
There are 119 artists / projects that have released music on Concatenation Records or on its imprints.
Note: To any artists on Concatenation Records that are listed below – if there isn't a link for your artist name (or if it’s outdated), please send any current site links to concatenationrecords at gmail dot com.

Artists on Concatenation Records – A to D
Alex Atchley: CCN016
Alex Mauer: CCN016
Amaranthine: VR003, VRC018, VRC017
Amaranthine Skies: CCN018, CCN015, CCN013, CCN009, CCN007, CCN002
• Analog Wizards: CCN010
ansgaros: CCN025, CCN018, CCN010, CCN001
arise_shine: CCN032, CCN022
Art. Human: VRC009
• Ashane: CCN001
atomic-guy: CCN022, CCN001
• Battlerager: CCN022, CCN010, CCN007
• BBQ ppl: CCN018
Bit_Rat: CCN022, CCN018, CCN016
Brian Davis: CCN032
Brian Dixon: CCN005
• Brian Tobin: CCN010
Broken Sword: CCNSP1
bucky: CCN016
Bukkake Earlobe: CCN021
cacomistle: CCN026, CCN018, CCN016, CCN010, CCN007
captain tortilla: CCN022
cetera: CCN032
• Chernabogue: CCNSP1, CCN033
Cide Projekt: CCN007, CP002, CP001
Concrete Mutant: CCN018, VRC022, VRC020, VRC019
Creepy Pizza: CCNSP1
Cyanidic Rapture: CCN018, CCN011, CCN010, VRC021, VRC002
• Daemon9623: CCNSP1, CCN032, CCN025, CCN022, CCN020
darmock: CCN033, CCN032, CCN025
Die Hard Cafe: CCN033
Disasterpeace: CCN001
• Disasterphase: CCN016
Artists on Concatenation Records – E to M
• eddyrocku: CCN032, CCN022
f-jan: VRC022, VRC012
Forfallen: VRC022, VRC021, VRC016, VRC014
• Gematriel: CCN033
• Gwarth: CCN032
Hemostat: CCN018
Heosphoros: CCN022
• I Love Lamp: CCN018
Jason Vincion: CCN032, CCN029, CCN028, CCN025, VR001, VRC001
Jesse Bishop: CCN018, CCN014
jmr: CCN033
Josiah Tobin: CCN010, CCN007
Jovian Maelstrom: VRC021
Kevin Hagge: CCN010
Kodiak Attack: CCN001
Kuribo’s Shoegaze: VRC021
• Manbow: CCN033
• Marshall Art: CCN032
• MC Fen: CCN018
mercatfat: CCN001
MetalBishop: CCN032, CCN022, CCN016, CCN001
M-H: CCN032, CCN022, CCN018, CCN016, CCN010, CCN001
Moldilox: CCN022
Mustin: CCN001
Mystic Nova: CCN022, CCN018, CCN016, CCN007
Artists on Concatenation Records – N to S
Nario: CCNSP1, CCN032, CCN022
Natthimmel: VR002, VRC022, VRC021, VRC015, VRC011, VRC008, VRC005
naxat: CCN022
Naz: CCN033, CCN025, CCN018
Neil Baldwin: CCN016
Nestrogen: CCN025
neu cetera: CCN018, CCN010
Nocturia: VRC007
norg: CCN007
Norrin Radd: CCN032, CCN022, CCN016
Oort Cloud: VRC010, VRC004
Optomon: CCN016
Phlogiston: CCN016, CCN001
pingosimon: CCN001
Prizmatic Spray: CCN032, CCN025, CCN022, CCN016
Quarter Circle Jab: QCJ001
Radiant Star: VRC003
• raublekick: CCNSP1
Recreational Episiotomy: CCN018
RushJet1: CCN016
Ryan8bit: CCN023, CCN007
Satellite Bros.: CCN025, CCN018
• Scull Shoals: CCN018
shawn phase: CCN007
ShinerCCC: CCN007
Shnabubula: CCN016
Skies of Cyanide: CCN018
Skummel Maske: CCN025, CCN018
small child david: CCN010, CCN004, CCN003
Spamtr0n: CCN001
Starrysea: CCNSP1
streifig: CCN010
Swimfail: CCN018, SWIM002, SWIM001
Artists on Concatenation Records – T to Z
The Beauty of Grind: CCN033, CCN025
temp sound solutions: CCNSP1, CCN033, CCN032, CCN025, CCN022, CCN018, CCN016, CCN012,
• temp sound solutions: CCN010, CCN001
The Brazilian Cockroach Experience: VRC022, VRC006
The Buttfuxtables: CCN018
• The Clones of Bruce Lee: CCN018
The OneUps: CCN001
• The Powerful Shizzards: CCN007
The Sticky Situation: CCN025, CCN024, CCN019, CCN018, CCN010, WCOM001
The Tendonites: CCN010
TheoConfidor: CCN018, CCN010, CCN007, CCN001
Theophagus: CCN018
Thunderspell: CCN033
tibone: CCNSP1, CCN033, CCN018
• Vegeroth: CCN022, CCN010, CCN007
Verkommenheit: VRC021
virt: CCN016
Voices of Epic Fail: CCN018
• weener and Tender Lad: CCNSP1, CCN025, CCN018, CCN010, CCN001
wizard combat: CCN018
Wizwars: CCN032, CCN022, CCN018, CCN016, CCN001, WIZ008, WIZ007, WIZ006, WIZ005
• Wizwars: WIZ004, WIZ003, WIZ002, WIZ001
XMark: CCN033, CCN018, CCN010
xoc: CCN025, CCN018, CCN008, CCN007, CCN001
Zio and TEH LOLZ: CCNSP1, CCN033, CCN032, CCN030, CCN027, CCN022, CCN018, CCN017,
• Zio and TEH LOLZ: CCN016, CCN006, ZIO001
• Zud: CCN018
Copyright 2007- Jason Vincion