Concatenation Records
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Concatenation Records was a netlabel dedicated to releasing experimental music, chiptunes, and video game covers. All of the artists on this label are affiliated with The Shizz in some way, shape, or form and can be found conversing on those forums.
2012-Jul-10: Shizz to the Future released!

2011-Dec-06: Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume Five released!
2011-Aug-09: A Chip off the Shizz Block, Volume Three released!
2011-Aug-02: JUNKTRON – NECRONOMITRON released!
2011-Jun-17: Zio and TEH LOLZ – Face Stomper 2 released!
2011-Jun-07: Jason Vincion – Explorations in Sound released!
2011-Apr-05: Jason Vincion – Dreamscapes released!
2011-Mar-15: Zio and TEH LOLZ – Greatest Hits released!
2011-Jan-11: cacomistle – Eight Melodies released!

2010-Nov-16: Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume Four released!
2010-Sep-28: The Sticky Situation – No, Buddy released!
2010-Aug-02: Ryan8bit – 2010.8.2 released!
2010-Jul-20: A Chip off the Shizz Block, Volume Two released!
2010-Jun-01: Bukkake Earlobe – The Return of Super Turbo Pile of Shit Alpha 3D released!
2010-Jan-26: Daemon9623 – Fleshfeast released!

2009-Dec-08: The Sticky Situation – Strongth! released!
2009-Dec-08: Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume Three released!
2009-Oct-20: The Sticky Situation – Oh...Gross released!
2009-Oct-06: Zio and TEH LOLZ – Subfusion: Ice Light Army released!
2009-Oct-06: A Chip off the Shizz Block, Volume One released!
2009-Jul-28: Amaranthine Skies – It Came from Beyond the Oort Cloud released!
2009-Jul-28: Quarter Circle Jab – KICKBUTT.exe released!
2009-Jul-21: Wizwars – Advanced Maximum Disrobics released!
2009-Jul-14: Jesse Bishop – BLASTER MASTER released!
2009-Jun-16: Amaranthine Skies – Enveloped released!
2009-Apr-14: temp sound solutions – The New Era of 8 Bit Traditionalism released!

2008-Dec-09: Cyanidic Rapture – Dragons of Putrescence released!
2008-Nov-04: Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume Two released!
2008-Oct-21: Wizwars – Live Free Or Chip Hard released!
2008-Oct-07: Zio and TEH LOLZ – Chemicaldyne released!
2008-Sep-16: Various – Unearthed released!
2008-Sep-02: Various – All That Remains released!
2008-Aug-26: Amaranthine Skies – Days Gone By, Volume One released!
2008-Aug-19: xoc – The Beginning of the End released!
2008-Aug-12: Wizwars – City released!
2008-Aug-12: Wizwars – Four released!
2008-Aug-05: Cide Projekt – Under the Radar released!
2008-Aug-05: Cide Projekt – Something is Anything More Than Nothing released!
2008-Jul-29: The Wonderful World of Willow released!
2008-Jul-22: Concrete Mutant – Left to Weather released!
2008-Jul-15: Concrete Mutant – Demo released!
2008-Jul-08: Amaranthine – Before the Skies released!
2008-Jul-01: Amaranthine – Mindtrap (VGOST Version) released!
2008-Jun-24: Forfallen – Video Game Covers released!
2008-Jun-17: Zio and TEH LOLZ – Face Stomper released!
2008-Jun-17: Natthimmel – Video Game Covers released!
2008-Jun-10: Forfallen – The Beginnings released!
2008-Jun-03: DJ WarMECH released!
2008-May-27: f-jan released!
2008-May-20: Natthimmel – The Future to Come released!
2008-May-13: Oort Cloud – The Last Two Sessions released!
2008-May-06: Art. Human – Into the Twilight of Humanity released!
2008-Apr-29: Natthimmel – Beyond the Great Beyond released!
2008-Apr-22: Nocturia released!
2008-Apr-22: The Brazilian Cockroach Experience released!
2008-Apr-15: Natthimmel – The Great Beyond outtakes released!
2008-Apr-08: Brian Dixon – Get Lost released!
2008-Apr-08: Oort Cloud – The First Four Sessions released!
2008-Apr-01: small child david – Operation Swastika released!
2008-Mar-25: Radiant Star released!
2008-Mar-25: Cyanidic Rapture released!
2008-Mar-25: Jason Vincion – A New Beginning outtakes released!
2008-Mar-11: Swimfail – Happily Destroyed released!
2008-Mar-11: Swimfail – Borerer released!
2008-Feb-26: small child david – Roids for Droids released!
2008-Feb-26: Wizwars – Living Under A Chip released!
2008-Feb-26: Wizwars – Robotic Operating Buddy released!
2008-Feb-26: Wizwars – Wave Traveler released!
2008-Feb-26: Wizwars – Chipotle Nubs And Nacho Tunes released!

2007-Dec-18: Amaranthine Skies – Dark Side of Zebes released!
2007-Oct-09: Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume One released!

2006-Sep-05: Amaranthine – Mindtrap released!
2003-Sep-23: Natthimmel – The Great Beyond released!
2001-Nov-20: Jason Vincion – A New Beginning released!
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